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字符集:11000+ 简体、繁体汉字、拉丁字母 作者|Designer:王维 Wang Wei 个人非商用免费下载 | 商用条款 HanyiSentyMarshmallow.ttf 7.2 mb
汉仪新蒂棉花糖体是一款轻松友好的手写风格字体。我们在设计过程中充分相 应了自媒体、手绘作者、社交应用用户的需求。为了充分给用户提供便捷的字 体服务,我们还制作了棉花糖体黑板报系列,并提供凸版和凹版两种效果。 Hanyi Senty Marshmallow series are specially designed for Youtubers, illustrators and social photographers. They are neat as well as impresionable. Two additional versions of Marshmallow Chalk are also made in shades in two directions, make them very easy to use.
汉仪新蒂棉花糖黑板报A Hanyi Senty Marshmallow Chalk A 汉仪新蒂棉花糖黑板报B Hanyi Senty Marshmallow ChalkB
新蒂字体也通过社交媒体为您服务 | Senty Font is on social media too
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